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While all of the west coast is completely locked down, it is all separated by enormous walls and gates, these things are, apparently, to the masses, indestructible, though nothing truly is, is it? Despite this, our forum is completely focused on Nevada. Like all other states, Nevada was home to three separate Zones, but in the passed months these zones were breached in one way or the others, the gates were opened, and now the entirety of Nevada is accessible by those that live there. There is no passage between the states, but do you really want to breach those walls? Who knows how bad off they are, or if the opening will create a whole new problem for you and yours? Sruviving in Nevada is easier than some might think. Zombies, while in abundance, tend to move slower in the hotter climates, making the desert much safer than many of the other locations around the state. That being said, the desert isn't exactly known for it's wild abundance of water supplies, or crops, now is it?

In sparse locations one might find running water, even working toilets. Most of these locations have been taken up by the small factions, or groups, that have spawned up all over the state. Some of these factions seem rather helpful, offering supplies, beds, and even hot meals and protection for seemingly nothing in return. Others, however, have found a way to profit on this and horde their supplies like a closely guarded secret. Than there are those who want to rule them all (LOTR Anyone?), whose main idea of surviving is re-creating a king or queen and sitting over everyone. Picking a faction can mean life or death among their ranks, but going it alone can be a sentence far worse than some abuse and a forced hand to shoot a survivor on occasion..after all, when you break your leg, or run out of water, who do you think will have your back?

8/6/17: OMD is currently undergoing an update period! We are still open! Feel free to join us!
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